What is the motive for thought to wander off into the past or future to move away from the NOW, is the current situation so lacking or unbearable? So lacking, yes maybe. We’ve been conditioned to believing that happiness is out there somewhere and we believe it, very deeply. That belief forces our attention away from what is, towards something that isn’t, that has, in itself has no happiness. This resisting of now and seeking happiness in the future is itself the veiling of the true peace and happiness that lives shining at the heart of all experience, as our very own Self.

We are so unaccustomed to just letting ourselves abide in our being, to ever discover if happiness might abide there. It’s not easy, as when we first enter a darkened room from the outside sunshine, it’s not easy to make out what might abide there, it takes time to adjust. And in the meantime, the mind is saying; this is boring, there’s nothing there, what are you doing get on out there and do something real.

Do we ever really just spend time with ourselves, our being? or are we always rushing from one experience to the next in the hope of some future happiness, so deep is our conditioning.

Everything in our culture encourages seeking happiness out there and discourages, becomes uncomfortable if you do nothing and just be. We have become frightened to “know thyself”. Can I really stop myself from telling myself; “I’ll be happy when” just catch it and drop it, don’t reinforce that belief by acting it out. No matter how comfortable you have become in life you have not found that everlasting peace and happiness that you seek. When will you be convinced that the answer is not out there?