Where are we, in time and space? Does space actually exist? Does time exist? Or are these mental abstractions that we super impose on our experience of reality in order to navigate and contain this immensity, this mystery?

When we give a place a name it’s only arbitrary, the map is not the actual territory, not the actual experience, there is no south, north, west or east or up and down to the infinite universe. So when we fully enter into the boundlessness of experience there’s no way that we can “know” where we are in the normal sense of knowing where we are, because in fact we are in truth nowhere! and never have been! In the infinite there are no reference points only the knowing of experience and what knows that knowing of experience is knowing knowing itself. Names and labels are just arbitrary lines drawn in the sand of consciousness, they are not the things in themselves, although they “appear” to have taken on a life form of their own, they are very seductive. If we strip away all the arbitrary labels about ourselves, who are we now in this moment, out of time but in eternity. Who, what, where?

When we sit here quietly together, I suspect that our individual thinking is creating it’s very own reality in this moment, so in fact we are not sitting here quietly together! Equally so the so-called world is not really here but in our individual minds, the conflicts of the world are really projections of what’s going on in our internal world and have very little to do with what we call the real world. The word world is an abstraction superimposed on our direct experience and actually doesn’t exist in our actual experience, the word water for example doesn’t make you wet.