To Live a Harmonious Life, First You Have to Meet Yourself in Truth

About Knowing Consciousness

Knowing Consciousness Meetups and Retreats focus around the ‘HOW’ Honesty, Openness & Willingness…these three elements, if you can truly engage with them it will open up a whole new realm of possibilities.  For anyone looking to enrich their lives through meaningful exploration and self enquiry, connect with a deeper sense of being and purpose.  Find Out More.


By being HONEST with yourself and others, you can meet yourself in truth.  Find Out More


By being OPEN to new possibilities and a different way of looking at life so it can be more fully embraced.  Find Out More


Being WILLING to engage and participate in all that is arising in the moment, you can observe and experience an alternative perspective to the meaning of life.  Find Out More

A Little About Us

Maria and Peter first met at a spiritual retreat in 2016, they quickly developed a warm friendship. Following on from their first meeting and Maria’s direct experience on this particular retreat, she had a calling and so asked Peter to help guide her on this journey.

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Our Meetings, Retreats & Private Sessions


We hold in-person group meetings once a month or so, and may also start offering online meetings soon.

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We also like to run week-long retreats once a year if possible.  These include yoga, meditation, and self-enquiry.

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Private Sessions

Peter and Maria offer one-to-one sessions.  These are typically offered via Skype, but may in some instances be available in-person.

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Awaken Cards

Awaken cards are a culmination of over twenty years of experience working as a psychotherapist relieving peoples suffering and a lifetime as a “spiritual seeker”.

These “divination” cards have the potential to cut through our often confused thinking process and take us immediately to the heart of the situation, cutting through beliefs and human conditioning, they are a powerful tool to self realization and reducing human suffering.

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